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We invite you to become a member of the Texas Branch of the American Society for Microbiology and to support the activities of the branch. You can purchase a branch membership online through the ASM Home Page. If you are already a member of the national ASM, you can go to this link ( and purchase your membership to the Texas Branch of the ASM from the national website. Alternatively you can join by registering to attend our next branch meeting or by contacting the branch secretary or treasurer.

The Texas Branch has several levels of membership. Please see the membership and pricing below.


Membership Type Pricing
Texas Branch Full Member Dues $15.00
Texas Branch Postdoctoral Member Dues $12.00
Texas Branch Student Member Dues $10.00



Texas Branch Region

The Texas Branch includes all individuals residing in the state of Texas with the exception of those in the following zipcodes: 79800-79999, 88500-88599.

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